About Us

T.M.S.Leathers Tanners & Exporters:

TMS is one of the leading leather manufacturing groups in the world, specializing in high quality bovine leather . TMS manufacturing and exporting top quality finished leather with a phenomenal track record of growth in turnover and profits. for the most demanding footwear, leather goods and upholstery industries.

TMS makes a wide range of high quality products that can be used in every conditions . We apply our knowledge to every item we manufacture to bring you the best quality product at the best value .

The Company is committed to personal service, stock availability and competitive pricing utilizing today’s global market.

We fairly treat every employee and share our achievements with all the staff. We value employees’ self-development, and guarantee a promising career prospect. Taking social responsibilities seriously, we frequently participate in social welfare activities such as environment protection programs. Sharing will be a never ending effort.

Chairman's Message

TMS Leather Company has been serving leather industry over three decades. manufacturing, marketing and exporting of quality Full Aniline and Semi Aniline finishes in, Sheep, Cow & Buffalo and shall remain our core activity.

TMS has forayed in to manufacturing and marketing of Waterproff Buffalo hide leather and are also one of the largest supplier in india of this category.

We have been constantly working to retain competitive edge in cost and quality of our products.With nearly 50% domestic market share in Full aniline finishes in buffalo, we aim to emulate the market share in all product in next five years.